Southwestern Indian Jewelry
By Dexter Cirillo
Jewelry photography by Michel Monteaux
Artists' portraits by Stephen Northup

(New York: Abbeville Press, 1992)

Southwestern Indian Jewelry

Native Peoples (Winter 1993)
“With striking color photographs on nearly every page, we cannot fail to be dazzled by the variety of artistic expression in shell, stone, and metal. Profiles of and comments from major artists offer further insight into the creation of such a protean art form.”

American Craft (June/July 1993)
“Dexter Cirillo’s success in giving the reader something to enjoy is easily described in superlatives: most beautifully produced book on the subject in decades; most refined photography of objects of extreme beauty and people of profound character; intelligent writing about an inadequately reported subject.” Robert Kasal

Ornament, Volume 16, No. 4 (1993)
“Cirillo’s text is informative and enjoyable, discussing process, history, design and techniques while leaving ample space for the artists to speak about their own work, thoughts and motivations.”

Publishers Weekly (September, 1992)
“This sumptuous volume will make a Native jewelry devotee of even the casual browser.”

W Magazine (December 7-14, 1992)

Cosmopolitan (December, 1992)
“Perfect for connoisseurs.”

New York Times (December 20, 1992)
“Walk in beauty, the Navajo blessing says, and Southwestern Indian Jewelry shows how generations of American Indian artists have achieved the balance, order and symmetry that phrase implies.”

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